30.09. 13h00 Conference start
Welcome notes
01.10. 09h00 Welcome
Prof. Dr. T. Agostini, Trieste
13h25 Keynote 1: Producing and perceiving sounds together
(Prof. Dr. G. Knoblich, Budapest)
Prof. Dr. M. Weigelt, Paderborn
09h15 Keynote 5: Multisensory influences on motor behavior and vice versa
(Prof. Dr. C. Spence, Oxford)
14h15 Action discrimination based on auditory kinematics
(P. Vinken, Hanover)
10h05 Anticipation of action effects – comparison of brain activation by visual and by audio visual stimulation
(Dr. M. Bischoff, Muenster)
14h30 It is all about rhythm! Empirical evidence for the benefits of acoustic stimuli/information in sports and rehabilitation
(Dr. N. Schaffert, Hamburg)
10h20 Are therapeutic effects on pusher behaviour based on conflicting sensory information?
(Dr. C. Krewer, Bad Aibling)
14h45 Coffee break 10h35
Coffee break
Prof. Dr. T. Münte, Lübeck
15h00 Keynote 2: The benefits and costs of multisensory perception
(Prof. Dr. M. Ernst, Bielefeld)
Dr. F. Bevilacqua, Paris
10h55 Keynote 6: Sonification of physical quantities: an overview over the most used mapping strategies, with some examples in sport applications
(Prof. Dr. R. Bresin, Stockholm)
15h50 Evaluating functional and motivational effects of rhythmic stimulation modes applied to the Nine Hole Peg Test
(F. Speth, Berlin)
11h45 Auditory feedback affects perception of effort when exercising with a pulley machine
(Prof. Dr. S. Serafin, Copenhagen)
16h05 Does a rhythmic auditory feedback help exercising with an auditory instruction?
(J. Maculewicz, Copenhagen)
12h00 Real-time sonification in swimming – from pressure changes of displaced water to sound
(Dr. B. E. Ungerechts, Bielefeld)
16h20 Coffee break
& Postersession
12h15 Lunch Break
Prof. Dr. N. Wenderoth, Zurich
17h15 Keynote 3: Augmented visual and auditory feedback and the acquisition of coordination skills
(Prof. Dr. S. Swinnen, Leuven)
Prof. Dr. C. Voelcker-Rehage, Bremen
13h15 Keynote 7: Recovery of a unisensory deficit following multisensory rehabilitation
(Prof. Dr. E. Làdavas, Bologna)
18h05 Continuous sound feedback in tracking tasks
(E.O. Boyer, Paris)
14h05 Repetitive arm training with music and error sonification for therapy following stroke
(A. Immoos, Zurich)
18h20 Sonification of the coordination of arm movements
(Dr. F. Bevilacqua, Paris)
14h20 The use of ecological sounds in neurorehabilitation of apraxia
(Dr. M. Bienkiewicz, Muenchen)
Prof. Dr. E. Altenmüller, Hanover
18h35 Keynote 4: Movement sonification and interactive sound art
(Prof. Dr. G. Eckel, Graz)
14h35 Keynote 8: Sonification in sport and rehabilitation
(Prof. Dr. A. O. Effenberg & Dr. G. Schmitz, Hanover, Dr. P. Wolf, Zurich)
19h25 End of scientific program 15h25

End of conference


Social event


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