Prof. Dr. Alfred Effenberg

Curriculum Vitae

Diploma Sport Science, University of Hamburg (1991)
Research period, University of California, Los Angeles, Prof. Dr. Richard Schmidt (1993)
PhD Sport Science, University of Hamburg(1995)
Habilitation Sport Science, University of Bonn (2002)
Full Professorship on Kinesiology/Movement Science & Training/Exercise Science, Leibniz University Hanover(since 2007)

Scientific Awards

  • 1. Award PhD Challenge of the University of Hamburg (1995)
  • 1. Award on “Karl-Hofmann-Publication Challenge” (1996)
  • 2. Award of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (2002) (Carl-Diem-Plakette)

Research Areas

  • Motor Control
  • Motor Learning
  • Motor Perception
  • Perception Action Coupling
  • Movement Sonification
  • Multisensory Integration