Multisensorics and intermodal representations

Auditory shaping of intermodal perception to optimize motor behavior

How to support motor perception to enhance motor learning in sports as well as in motor rehabilitation? How to support the emergence of multisensory motor representations? How to calibrate multisensory representations by shaping the auditory component?

In the long run motor perception is evaluated with a series of empirical studies in swimming and rowing related to different single modalities (visual, auditory) as well as to emergent intermodal representations to enhance motor performance. An essential idea is to create and combine different shapes of auditory and visual information to evoke distinct intermodal percepts. The behavioral studies are complemented with funtional measures (EEG, fMRI).

3D-model based on kinematic data detected from a former world champion in breast stroke.

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Alfred Effenberg

Scientific Coworkers

Dr. Gerd Schmitz

Research Area

kinesiology, motor perception, multisensory integration

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